Online retailers can strengthen their supply chain management by increasing their agility and scalability quickly by leveraging innovative Third-Party Logistics providers global infrastructure and proven transportation network by leveraging five key supply chain fundamentals.

Ready to Grow?

Online retailers successfully operating in today’s global economy often demands speed to market by being in the right place at the right time. The expense and lead time of building facilities, staff and processes in meeting this challenge shouldn’t keep you from seizing opportunity.  A good solution that will meet this challenge is to mobilize a Third-Party Logistics companies’ network and facilities, carriers, technology and expertise to optimize and manage your complete supply chain from warehousing to shipping to reverse logistics (returns) and repairs.

  1. Distribution – Third Party Logistics companies today can provide experts, technology and infrastructure do the work for you. They can provide tightly tailor solutions around your process, using a global network of assets to bring you a logistical advantage in your marketplace. 3PL’s enable you to scale up for a market launch or expansion, add services for your customers or adjust for seasonal inventory demands. They can even scale down your own warehousing operations more rapidly, proficiently, strategically and economically.
  2. Transportation Management – Third Party Logistics companies can offer single source advantages without single carrier constraints by negotiating bids, interpreting multiple tariffs and reconciling invoices from multiple carriers on your behalf. Partnering with third-party logistics providers will enable you to provide an extensive carrier network and increase your purchasing power for the best possible service, route and rates. – All with a single point of contact, single dashboard and single invoice, you will benefit from overall operational savings, mode optimization, consistent reporting, claims management and technology integration for complete visibility across carriers.
  3. Supplier Management – Clear supplier hurdles so your business can stay on track by engaging a 3PL providers expertise, facilities and technology so you can sprint past supplier challenges like different time zones, languages, carriers and distance thus enabling you to move your core business forwards. – Furthermore, many moving parts are often involved when sourcing from multiple international vendors making you vulnerable to late, failed or premature deliveries resulting in efficiencies and costs. Third Party Logistics providers can provide the visibility to solve obstacles proactively and orchestrate an inbound sourcing process that meets your business objectives.
  4. Post Sales/Service Parts – Strengthen customer relationships after the sale by provide a worldwide end-to-end service network to manage and support global growth. Third Party Logistics providers can offer a comprehensive global service network to support your customers that require reverse logistics and end-of-life equipment needs. Leveraging the global network of 3PL companies can enable local Field Stocking Locations and Access Point to make same and next-day deliveries of replacement parts, expedite returns and repair goods – making your field technicians more efficient.
  5. Supply Chain Design and Planning – Thriving in today’s increasingly complex, global marketplace requires the integration of product, supply chain, and business strategies. Good supply chain design and planning services will help you create the supply chain you need to bring out the best in your company. Good Third-Party Logistics providers will go beyond the abstract and produce a plan that will leverage the unmatched scope and best practice logistics to benefit your business.
    What 3PL company can do for you:

    • Streamline your distribution network, reducing costs and improving customer service
    • Provide insight into logistics design, re-engineering, and supply chain management
    • Implement leading-edge information systems
    • Implement benchmarking processes to measure productivity

    From on site analysis and selection to supply chain modeling, network optimization and parts planning, 3PL service companies can help you start the process of making your supply chain a more effective part of your business operations. If you are looking to outsource your entire Supply Chain Management, Third Part Logistics companies can provide the knowledge, experience, and relationships to help you design and manage a cost-effective supply chain.