Fast, Reliable & Affordable Door to Door Delivery Services

Door to Door Delivery Services

We offer door-to-door delivery solutions that far exceeded our customer’s expectations by guaranteeing deliveries on time and in perfect condition.

Door to Door Delivery Highlights:

  • Over 5 million deliveries weekly in Ontario
  • Over four and half million deliveries across Canada

Our Door to Door delivery services include:

  • Flexible Home Delivery
  • Expedited Deliveries
  • Reverse Logistics

Case Studies

Case studies of some of our clients:

Kendrew Distribution Services Limited began distribution of Toronto’s largest daily newspaper in 1993 with a weekly distribution of over 5 million newspapers throughout Southern Ontario.   This partnership enabled us to developed solutions that far exceeded our customer’s expectations.

Today our services have expanded to include warehousing, order fulfillment and freight forwarding for many industries. We are able to provide logistic systems and processes that guarantee delivery on time and in perfect condition.

In 2004 Kendrew was asked to provide a distribution solution for the delivery of environmental waste containers to over 500,000 private residences in the City of Toronto. The Kendrew team once again surpassed expectations. To date Kendrew has delivered over four and half million waste containers across Canada. Our most recent project is with the Region of Peel where our services include cart warehousing, storage assembly and distribution to over 300,000 homes including a 10 year maintenance program.