Hand Assembly, Sorting, Inserting and Stuffing are highly required yet often overlooked elements in the Order Fulfillment Process.

Hand Assembly

When automation is not an option, consider the benefits of outsourcing your Hand Assembly, Sorting, Inserting and Stuffing operations to Kendrew. There are infinite possibilities with what our custom hand labour skills can provide and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your unique project.

Scalable for Long or Short Runs

Kendrew has the ability, space and flexibility to scale to as many assembly lines necessary for your long or short run projects. Whether your project consists of 50 or 500,000 pieces, we have a skilled labour force of over 100 people, and can manage each project with the detail needed to ensure projects are completed accurately and on time.

Services we Provide

Hand Assembly

When automated solutions don’t fit the job, hand assembly is an ideal alternative. Kendrew can accommodate custom projects of all sizes – from a few pieces to hundreds of thousands – with adaptable assembly lines tailored to handle projects of all formats and complexities.

Sorting and Collating

Kendrew provides hand sorting services and collating as part of our assembly and fulfillment services. We inspect every item by hand and sort them according to your exact specifications. We do multi-component matching, including matched mailings.


Your large quantity, non-machinable inserting projects are right in our wheelhouse. From point-of-sales displays to direct mailers to promotional kits, you can count on perfect back-end fulfillment when you outsource your custom hand assembly insertion to us.


Large quantity, non-machinable envelope and mailer stuffing can be time-consuming and expensive. By outsourcing your manual stuffing projects to Kendrew, you’ll get to market immeasurably faster at a cost savings. We do multi-component matching, including matched mailings and we inspect every item by hand. Our stringent quality control insures no mismatches and strict adherence to your exact specifications.

Common hand assembly production runs include:

  • Manufacturer Components
  • Automotive Sub Assemblies
  • Board Game Products
  • Industrial Equipment Components
  • Health and Beauty Pre-Packs.
  • Multi-Piece Tool-Sets
  • Custom Box Sets
  • Retail Displays
  • Electronic Devices
  • Promotional Materials
  • Specialty Mailers

Some of the reasons why companies outsources hand assembly production to their order fulfillment center:

  • Faster Assembly
  • Space Allocation
  • Fewer Shipping Mistakes
  • Better Packaging
  • Cost Factor
  • Quality of Products
  • Volume Flexibility
  • Sub-Assembly Capability

In conclusion, working with an order fulfillment centers that provide hand assembly production services can help you run leaner, become more profitable as well as provide better customer service and shipping times to your customers. Learn More.

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