Freight Forwarding Services

Kendrew takes pride in providing you with quality services at affordable pricing in moving, tracking and storing your freight. Our Freight Forwarding Services provide real-time solutions needed to accurately build, route, assign and track shipments.

The following are some of the freight forwarding services we provide:

Benefits of our Freight Forwarding services:

Make your business more profitable by focusing your time and effort in promoting, marketing and selling your products.

The benefits of Freight Forwarding services include:

  • Lower Shipping Cost
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Extending your Reach
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Harnessing Technology

As a third party logistics company, Kendrew can provide access to a range of transportation solutions. Whether you require a cross border or a short domestic trip, we will provide professional freight solutions every step of the way.  We will ensure your products will arrive to there final destination safely, securely and on time.

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