Frequently Asked Questions

Listed on this page are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about our services.

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Why choose Kendrew?

Kendrew is a complete Third Party Logistics provider that enables customers to focus more energy on their core business competencies. We focus on reducing costs.

Is Kendrew a transportation company?

Yes, as a full service Third Party Logistics provider, we offer an array of Freight Forwarding Services focused on providing clients the most cost effective solution available.

What kinds of customers have benefited from Kendrew?

We service companies in various market sectors whose main objective is to streamline their supply chain operation.  Customers that benefit from our services include, Retailer, Distributors and Manufacturers.

How does Kendrew help customers reduce logistics costs?

First, we perform a detailed analysis of your supply chain. We then select and implement a logistics solution that meets your supply chain objectives. Finally, we measure the performance our solution by agreed upon Key Performance Indicators and make the ongoing changes necessary to ensure success.

Is your warehouse secure?

Yes, in addition to security around the building, we also provide a secure area inside our warehouse to ensure valuable product is kept safe.