Why Us - Because we Deliver!

Begin a partnership with a full service logistics specialist.

Kendrew Distribution Services Limited, has been in business since 1987 servicing a wide range of industries with Warehousing, Order Fulfillment and Freight Forwarding services.

We believe in the power of numbers. We deliver millions of parcels across the globe each year and make over 100,000 shipments every day within the Greater Toronto Area.

Put simply, whatever your distribution needs, rest assured we can handle it.

Multimodal Transport Services

Success is never an accident. It takes strategy, planning, commitment and execution. It takes a willingness to achieve great things and the desire to stand above the crowd. Success requires implementing best practices and using the tools necessary to ensure we have everything our clients need to succeed.

Administrative Controls

We have administrative controls through the use of integrated management information systems to ensure your needs are covered for today and tomorrow.

Customer Service

Our friendly and experienced team will provide accurate information whenever you need it. Communication is the key to running a smooth operation inside and out. We have built a team of knowledgeable people who keep cool heads and friendly smiles no matter the situation.

Quality Control

Kendrew has implemented very tight quality control processes that garnered a great deal of positive attention. We monitor, measure, compare and make adjustments as needed. Our goal is to save time, save money and save headaches for our clients.

Please contact us to learn how our Supply Chain Management services can help you.