Consumer Packaged Goods

We aim to deliver innovation and an unrivalled competitive advantage for our clients within the consumer packaged goods market place.

Globalisation of consumer packaged goods is driving borderless growth across established and emerging markets. We understand technology is changing product design, business models and shopping behaviour in the competitive landscape in which our clients operate. For this reason, we strive to maintain a cutting-edge position when it comes to the latest technological advances that can optimise our solutions and drive our clients’ competitiveness.

For over 30 years Kendrew has developed a network of partners throughout the world enabling clients to source from new markets across the world. To keep up with a fast-moving industry, we offer the right consultancy to meet our clients demands in lowering costs and reducing lead times. Our third party logistics services, such as freight forwarding, warehousing and order fulfillment operations closes the link that our clients need to have an efficient supply chain for their consumer packaged goods.

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