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Focus your business on promoting, marketing and selling your products!

The Challenge

For eCommerce or even brick-and-mortar companies, order fulfillment is a big challenge. It involves time consuming resource intensive tasks that includes taking orders, packaging and processing payments to delivery companies. Additionaly, responsibilities include complying with regulatory requirements, managing taxes and handling refunds and returns, all of which will require company resources.

The Solution

Kendrew’s order fulfillment services will help reduce your infrastructure and logistical costs as well as improve operational efficiency. We provide receiving, warehousing, processing and delivery services for business-to-business to individual direct-to-consumer orders.

Order Fulfillment Center Process

The Benefit

Order fulfillment services have gained momentum especially with so many start-ups and fast growing small and medium companies that do not have infrastructure and logistics facilities. Even big established corporations have adopted our order fulfillment services because of several advantages which include:

  • Lower Shipping Cost
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Extend your Reach
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Harness Technology
  • Focus on Selling

Marketing and selling are only half of the equation. The more customers and orders you get, the more complicated logistics becomes. Improve your bottom line by letting Kendrew take on your 1000 and 1 tasks.

Order Fulfillment Trends:

Kendrew’s Value Added Order Fulfillment Services can help companies address the following industry trends.

  • Product Bundles: Brands bundling products to sell slow-moving inventory and improve revenue.
  • Subscription Box Services: Companies making their brand stand above the competition by offering monthly subscription boxes.
  • Personalization: Online product orders becoming more personalized in terms of both  packaging as well as the door-delivery experience.

Kendrew Order Fulfillment Services include:

Order Fulfillment Services

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