Order Fulfillment Center

Order Fulfillment Center Process

Order Fulfillment Center Benefits

Big established corporations and fast growing small to medium sized companies have adopted our Order Fulfillment Services. Consider using our Order Fulfillment Center to make your business more profitable by focusing your time and effort in promoting, marketing and selling your products.

The benefits of our Order Fulfillment Services include:

  • Lower Shipping Cost
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Extending your Reach

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Harnessing Technology

Whether you’re shipping 10 products a month or 10,000, our Order Fulfillment Center can scale to the size of your business with just the right amount of personalized touch you need. From Warehousing, Labeling, Pick-N-Pack, Direct-to-Customer Deliveries and Returns Processing, we offer new technologies and capabilities that will make your business more efficient and profitable while helping you stand out from the crowd with your customers.

Order Fulfillment Center Value Added Services

Kitting Services

Kitting Services

Helps clients increase sales and brand awareness while providing cost saving and faster deliveries to their customers.

Hand Assembly, Sorting and Inserting

Hand Assembly, Sorting & Inserting

When automation is not an option, consider the benefits of outsourcing your Hand Assembly, Sorting, Inserting and Stuffing operations.

Customized Packaging

Customized Packaging

Helps promote your brand and make customers feel special so you can increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics (Returns)

Recycling services that ensure cost-efficiency and convenience to customers while reducing your environmental footprint.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking

Helps avoids the extra cost of warehousing and handling to ensure products move quickly through the fulfillment process.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Services

Let us help you take full advantage in reducing your cost and complexity by focusing on your core business.


Some of the industries that use our Third Party Logistics services.

We ship to more than 100,000 Customers every day.

Third Party Logistic Services

Kendrew Distribution Services can provide comprehensive Third Party Logistics (3PL) solutions for all your warehousing, fulfillment and shipping needs. Domestically or internationally, we are the seamless connection between your products and customers by managing your supply chain using our full-scale third party logistics services.


3rd Party Logistics

We believe in the power of numbers. Put simply, whatever your distribution needs, rest assured we can handle it.

Over 100,000 shipments processed every day.
Over 450 vehicles guaranteeing on-time delivery.

Happy Clients

Focus your business on promoting, marketing and selling your products!

For eCommerce or even brick-and-mortar companies, order fulfillment is a big challenge. It involves time consuming resource intensive tasks that includes taking orders, packaging and processing payments to delivery companies. Additionally, responsibilities include complying with regulatory requirements, managing taxes and handling refunds and returns, all of which will require company resources.

Kendrew’s order fulfillment services will help reduce your infrastructure and logistical costs as well as improve operational efficiency by helping you focus more on your business.

Our Order Fulfillment Services include:

  • Receiving
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Value Added Fulfillment Services
  • Custom Freight Services
  • Door to Door Deliveries
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Contract Trucking
  • Fleet Management

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