Lumper Services – Shipping Container Destuffing

Kendrew offers specialized Lumper Services focused on fast and accurate De-stuffing of Shipping Containers (at your facility or ours). This provides cost efficiencies for you and for our your customers.

We can sort, wrap, stage, repack, label and palletize products according to your specifications.

Kendrew is fully insured and WSIB Certified.

The following are our Lumper Service offerings:

  • Container Unloading (Destuffing):

Our destuffing services will offload and receive your inventory, sort, palletize and shrink wrap your products according to your specifications. We can also wrap, stage, sort and label pallets and products.

  • Container Uploading:

We offer Container Uploading services insuring an accurate and optimal load, so your customers get an easy offload.

  • Cross Dock Services:

We offer unloading goods from inbound containers or trailers and loading them directly onto outbound vehicles based on your specifications.

  • Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Services:

We offer picking, packing, kitting, hand assemble, sorting, inserting and customizes packaging services according to your specifications. We can scale to the size of your business with just the right amount of personalized touch you need.

  • Co-Packing:

Our co-packing services can sticker, add multiple items, remove items, and / or add literature based on your requirements.

  • Re-Packing:

We can take older stock and repackage it to look like your new branding and marketing ideas. Our team is quick, dedicated, timeline driven, and focuses on efficient product repacking.

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