Order Fulfillment Value Added Services

Increasingly, retailers and manufacturers are seeking on-site, Order Fulfillment Value Added Services to improve the efficiency of their operations, simplify processes, shorten their supply chain and trim costs.

At Kendrew, we offer a portfolio of value added services at point of origin or destination, within our facilities or your own. What differentiates us is the way our Third Party Logistics team works with your people on site, to fine-tune a truly customized solution for your business to agreed upon quality standards.

Our Order Fulfillment Value Added Services Include:

Order Staging: We have a dedicated area that enables our specialized team to perform valued added services to your products.

These services include:

  • Light Hand Assemble
  • Inserting and Sorting
  • Kitting

Additional Value Added Services include:

Packaging: Providing you with the required packaging such as standard or custom boxes, labeling and shrink wrap.

Labeling: We provide labeling and appropriate placement of labels on your product.

Pick N Pack: We see the picking of ordered goods and packing them to be shipped to your customers as an extension of your customer service. As your business grows, we recognize the importance of accurate and efficient shipments that arrive on time to your customers.

Order Batching: We provide batching services where one SKU is picked to fill multiple orders simultaneously. All relevant orders are then assembled, organized and consolidated by order or shipping destination in a cost effective and timely manner.

Cross Docking: We provide cross docking service to ensure your products moves quickly through the order fulfillment process to avoid the extra cost of warehousing and handling.

Same Day Deliveries: We offer solutions that far exceeded our customer’s expectations by guaranteeing deliveries on time and in perfect condition.

Reverse Logistics (Returns): Managing returns and solving customer issues effectively can turn customers into lifelong clients. We will ensure the paperwork, following-up, inventory management is done correctly and efficiently to prevent loss of productivity and revenue.

Customs Brokerage Services: As a Third Party Logistics company, we will take the hassles out of your cross-border shipments by arranging the transportation of your product to and from the Canada, USA and Mexico boarders.

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