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Kendrew’s Four Areas of Expertise

At Kendrew we pride ourselves on offering everything that our clients need to be successful. Kendrew Distribution Services is your full service logistics specialist. When it comes to warehousing, packaging, distribution, maintenance, wholesale, logistics, publication and environmental products we’ve got what you need to keep your business moving. Our processes are built to react rapidly to market changes – allowing you to lower your operational costs but still meet your customers’ needs… all without skipping a beat.



In business, supply chain disruptions can mean missed sales opportunities which affects your bottom line. Let us show you how to convert your transportation solutions to a customized, contracted, full-service logistics operation.

Focus on your core business while we take over the challenges of the complex processes of the supply chain.



Welcome to your next and better warehouse. From short and long term storage to de-stuffing and cross docking to inventory control and order fulfillment, our warehouse services are perfect for growing businesses.

You can lower your investment risks and operational costs while still serving your customers’ changing needs, all without missing a beat.



Cut your costs and boost your efficiency with our complete fullfilment services.

Kendrew gives you the services and tools to make sure that your product is ready to go to market. From Kitting & Co-packing to Pick and Pack and everything in between. Tell us what you need and we will put together a strategic plan to ensure your products get to market on time.



Distribution and Logistics is the management of the flow of things. Today’s competitive landscape demands that companies continually improve their supply chain solutions.

To that end, more and more companies are seeing the value of outsourcing their logistic services. Kendrew is your distribution partner and we have the track record to prove it.

Follow your Passion!

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White Glove Delivery

When you need more than just delivery, we offer our white glove services. From delivery to setups and installation, we help you complete the job. Trust Kendrew to deliver and install in expert fashion.

Kendrew  Distribution Services Limited began distribution of Toronto’s largest daily newspaper in 1993. This partnership required Kendrew to provide logistic systems and processes that would guarantee newspaper delivery on time and in perfect condition.

Kendrew not only met the many challenges of a weekly distribution of over 5 million newspapers throughout Southern Ontario, we also developed solutions that far exceeded our customer’s expectations. Because of our outstanding service our partnership has expanded to include 3PL warehousing, customized packaging and assembly, transportation, reverse logistics and distribution.

In 2004 Kendrew was asked to provide a distribution solution for the delivery of environmental waste containers to over 500,000 private residences in the City of Toronto. The Kendrew team once again surpassed expectations. To date Kendrew has delivered over four and half million waste containers across Canada. Our most recent project  is with the Region of Peel where our services include cart warehousing, storage assembly and distribution to over 300,000 homes including a 10 year maintenance program.