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We Win Together

Everything that we do, we do for our clients. Our success is measured by how well we deliver on the needs of our customers. In fact, every major decision is made on what is best for the people and companies that put their trust in partnering with us. When others say it can’t be done, it’s too difficult, we say’ thanks for the opportunity’. Our history has been crafted by our client’s success. More than words, that is our legacy.

Designed to Succeed

Success is never an accident. It takes strategy, planning, commitment and execution. It takes a willingness to achieve great things, the desire to stand above the crowd. We are consumed with success. Our DNA has been designed to give our clients everything that they need to succeed.


We have revolutionized administrative controls through the use of integrated management information systems, project management software, human resource information systems and office automation software. Your needs are covered for today and tomorrow.


Our friendly and experienced team will provide accurate information throughout the entire process of your job whenever you need it. Communication is the key to running a smooth operation inside and out. We have built a team of knowledgeable people who keep cool heads and friendly smiles no matter the situation.


Kendrew has implemented very tight quality control processes that garnered a great deal of positive attention over the last 29 years.  We monitor, measure, compare and make adjustments as needed. Our goal is to save time, save money and save headaches.

Here at Kendrew Distribution Services, we believe in the power of numbers. Put simply, whatever your distribution needs, rest assured we can handle it. Begin a partnership with your full service logistics specialist.


Over 100,000 shipments are processed to private residences, retail outlets, and vending boxes every day.


We have more than 450 delivery vehicles cars vans and trucks–guaranteeing on-time delivery within the G T A.

Our History

Kendrew Distribution Services has been in business since 1987 servicing a wide range of industries. We take great pride in providing the best possible service and helping our clients achieve new heights. As a professional logistics and distribution partner we offer unparalleled  service in picking, packing, shipping and delivery.

Kendrew has the honour of working with such companies as:

  • The Toronto Star

  • Canada Post

  • City of Toronto

  • Delivery Ink